Non-Profit Organizations

Thank you for your interest in Norwell Summer Fest! Norwell Summer Fest offers charitable organizations a booth or table free of charge.

Booth spaces are limited and fill up fast! Application deadline is March 31, 2022.

You will be advised by April 29 if a booth space is available. Please note, nonprofits registered in the Town of Norwell will be given priority.

Norwell Summer Fest’s highest priority is public safety for all. Please read the important information and
event safety rules below as follows:

♦ Event will be held open air on a paved street, rain or shine
♦ Booth space/Nonprofit Organization (NPO): 10’ x 10’
♦ NPO must provide all own booth and display equipment - tent, tent weights, tables, chairs, etc.
♦ Tents must be weighted for safety
♦ NO generators will be allowed
♦ Set-up will be permitted from 11:00am, 2 hours prior to festival opening at 1pm
♦ NPO will be permitted to temporarily park vehicles at allocated booth space for unloading/loading only
♦ Vehicles must be removed promptly from event area. Designated free parking will be provided
♦ NPO will not be permitted to leave the event until end of festival at 7:00pm
♦ Pack-up to be completed by no later than 8:00pm when Main St. will re-open to through traffic
♦ Booths must be staffed at all times
♦ Set-up and pack-up is the sole responsibility of the NPO, however, event volunteers will be available to assist
♦ All own generated trash must be removed and hauled away please
♦ Further specific event day information will be emailed & posted on website at least 2 weeks prior to event



In order to help us with our planning, we are requesting that you please complete and mail an application form by April 8, 2022. In addition, we kindly ask that you enclose a $50 refundable deposit*. This deposit will be refunded to you by June 7, 2022. *However, we regret than any event cancellations made after May 20, or any no-shows on event day, will not be eligible for a refund.

Unfortunately, we have had some very late cancellations and no-shows in previous years. This makes it extremely difficult for us to re-organize our Town approved booth street plan which has to be submitted to the Norwell Police & Fire Departments several weeks prior to the event for approval.

Key Dates

  • April 8 Application deadline
  • April 27 Booth availability
  • May 12 Cancellation deadline for refund
  • June 7 Deposit Check return subject to conditions*